Build confidence in Leaving Cert Maths with One-to-One or Group Grinds

The xyMaths offer

xyMaths is an online Leaving Cert Maths live-video service provided by Dr. Conor Purcell, who has been tutoring Leaving Cert Maths for over ten years, and is recognised nationwide. With a 5-star rating on Google Reviews Conor is known to deliver the highest quality Maths grinds both on a group and one-to-one basis, using top of the range camera and audio systems. 

All lessons are interactive and delivered by Conor himself, focusing on building students’ confidence by working with them on past exam papers. Recordings of the live group lessons – in case you have missed a class or wish to revise later – are made available.

How it works


The service works on a subscription basis. Our scholar package gives you access to weekly live interactive Maths Zoom Group Grinds (max 15 students per group) as well as recorded class videos. Premium offers you One-to-One in addition.

Live Tutor

During group lessons your tutor will spend 35-40 minutes working with you on past exam paper questions. Students can raise their hand and ask questions – by audio or chatbox – anytime they like. Afterwards you will have the option to stay another 10-15 minutes and ask any further questions, like when a teacher makes themselves available after class in school.

Online Video

Using Zoom, different approaches and methods to solving problems can be explained clearly with quality cameras and microphones. We also use the Zoom whiteboard and screen-share facilities.

Benefits of xyMaths

Maths lends itself particularly well to learning by live video. An anonymous survey of our students during the Covid Pandemic informed us that:

0 %
of students perceived no difference between Zoom grinds and grinds at home.
0 %
said online is even better
0 %
said that online was worse
0 %
of students said that they wanted past exam papers covered as a priority. So we are doing exactly that.

Live video is also helping to democratize access to private tuition worldwide by breaking the urban-rural divide. Traditionally maths tutors were based in towns or cities meaning that students in rural areas could be left out.

In Ireland it’s not uncommon for parents to drive their teenager 30 or 40 minutes to see a tutor. It’s also not feasible for a tutor to travel so far to your home. By saving you time, stress, and fuel, we are here to solve these problems, and change the way Maths Grinds work, for the better.

Our Promise

We promise you clear and detailed lessons with one key aim – to improve your performance in the Leaving Cert exam. We are totally exam focused. We also promise you absolute confidence in your tutor, Conor Purcell, who has been teaching Leaving Cert Maths privately for over 10 years.

Our Packages


59 p/m (or remaining Academic Year for €149
  • Access to all past Zoom group class videos - Honours or Ordinary level
  • Access to all class notes


79 p/m (or remaining Academic Year for €249)
  • Weekly live interactive Zoom group classes at Honours or Ordinary level
  • Access to all class notes
  • Access to all past class videos
  • Siblings come on board at half price


179 p/m (or remaining Academic Year for €849)
  • One-to-One Maths Grind once per fortnight
  • Weekly live interactive Zoom group classes at Honours and Ordinary level
  • Siblings gain access to Scholar package for free - Honours and Ordinary levels
  • Access to all class notes
  • Access to all past class videos
  • Only 8 premium packages available

School Subscriptions

Would your 5th and 6th year students benefit from weekly live Maths revision lessons focussed on Leaving Cert past exam papers? What about access to recorded videos of past papers, or a library of xyMaths exam paper solutions? 

These lessons, whether live or recorded, can be watched on any device – phone, tablet, desktop or laptop – from anywhere. At xyMaths we take pride in offering these services to schools nationwide. Feel free to contact us to customize a package specifically designed for your school.

Disadvantaged Students

During Covid Lockdown#1 The Irish Times reported on a Trinity College Dublin study which highlighted the issue that live online classes were more likely at private schools. Disadvantaged students were therefore much more likely to have disengaged from school work.

At xyMaths we believe that live online classes should not just be the privilege of those who can afford private tuition, and are aiming to provide free maths grinds to underprivileged students at DEIS schools.

To achieve this goal we seek funding from government organisations and philanthropists to help us help disadvantaged students with the aim of improving maths results nationally. Please contact us if this is of interest to your school.

About Us

xyMaths is a new online service founded by Dr. Conor Purcell, a private maths tutor who believes in the power of live video to help students achieve their Leaving Cert goals. Conor has over ten years experience in One-to-One and group tuition at both second and third levels. Over time he has recognised the power of private tuition to transform a student’s confidence and understanding of any topic. xyMaths is the next step on that journey.

Confidence in Mathematics has the ability to empower people in their lives and help them contribute to their communities and societies through innovation, entrepreneurship and understanding.


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